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This is version 2 of Komorebi. I only print one copy of each individual version so that each print is a unique piece of art.


Size:40x30CM (4x3)

  • Details: Lightweight and glare-free
  • Hanging included: Metal hanger or aluminum cleat
  • Finish:Matte with light metallic sheen
  • Medium: 3 mm direct print on Alu-Dibond
  • waterproof and fade-resistant.



"Sunlight filtering through trees."


"When the sunlight shines through the leaves of trees"


Komorebi is a Japanese expression that is quite difficult to translate. But a try for a novice like me is that it's a reminder to appreciate the little things in life. The beautiful landscape or chirping birds in the spring. The English expression "this too shall pass" is also part of the meaning of the word. Appreciation for the little things, to feel hope in life

Komorebi version 2

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